This unique training count for your further education used to be called: CPD (continuous professional development) certified by Yoga Alliance professional UK towards your yoga qualification, or annual trainings. 

We are working with only small group of students, creating a vibrant community of yogi friends. Expect to be in contact with only 3 to 8 students at a time. Which is perfect for both students and teacher to personalise each course.


31 may & 1 June 2018 – £ 240 – Central London location. 10am to 4pm – Taught by Nathalie Dubreu

During 2 full days, learn the inspiring, and spiralling quality of the mandala practice, while honouring and inviting the feminine force of Shakti goddess within as the dance of Lila, harnessing your own power.

Mandala, in the representation of the circle, is one of the oldest sacred image evoking a feeling of wholeness. Mandala represents the universe in the Hinduism and Buddhist traditions. It’s sacred geometry calls upon the cosmic forces of life, the Tao, the yin, and yang, the shakti/shiva energy and it reminds us that we are part of the whole cycle of creation and destruction. While moving our asanas in circular movements, in the circling movement of the planets, and the limitless spiral of life in our DNA, we can free the self from everyday thoughts, performing Yoga like a dance, the dance of Lila (Sanskrit: लीला) the divine dance of the universe. The mandala connects us to our body at a cellular and energetic level, to our past and future. The wave of the ocean vibrations, the sound of nature, the magnetism of the moon and planets remind us that we are one with all energy that exists, creating the infinite wave of our hearts vibrations, we are energetic field in a world of energy.

By moving our mind-soul-asanas in circular movements, in an endless, smooth surya namaskar dance, suffering dissolves, and the natural state of life force energy is re-established.

Expect some lectures on subtle anatomy, mythology, philosophy of yoga, mandala class learning and practice, and time for your own class creation planning.

We will learn how to create your own mandala class focusing on your favourite poses, linking your practice to the vayus, koshas or chakra system and be in a constant state of creation in and out of the mat.

For any more information, please contact Nathalie:

Thank you.

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