Yin Yoga Teacher Training Workshop (50 hours CPD)

11063858_919617928084974_1323248939837886877_n50 HOURS intensive (6 days)

YIN YOGA & ENERGY FLOW TRAINING  – Designed in 2 x 3 days over one month period  |7-9th February 2018 (1) + 13-15th March 2018 (2)|

This training is offering in depth learning of Traditional Chinese understanding of the meridians systems and it’s application for innovative Yin yoga practice for therapeutic purpose.

Enjoy this unique Yin teacher training to enhance your understanding and practice of  Yin yoga and the meridian system science behind it. Learn plenty of Yin sequences to help release emotional tension associated with fear (Kidney/bladder), overthinking (spleen/stomach), sadness (lungs/Large intestine), impatience (Heart/Small intestine), anger (Liver/Gallbladder), and how these emotions affect the physical body with back pains, digestive issues, neck issues, stiffness, headache).

Dao-yin-seated“In the human body there are the zang organs of the liver, heart, spleen,lungs, and kidneys. The Qi of the five zang organs forms the five spirits and gives rise to the five emotions. The spirit of the heart is known as the shen, which rule mental and creative functions. The spirit of the liver, the hun, rules the nervous system and gives rise to extrasensory perception. The spirit of the spleen, or yi, rules logic or reasoning power. The spirit of the lungs, or po, rules the animalistic instincts, physical strength and stamina. The spirit of the kidneys, the zhi, rules the will, drive, ambition, and survival instinct. ” Huang Di Neijing Suwen

It is a full 6 days training to learn in depth the location and energy associated with each meridian line and how to associate their energy and emotions with Yin asanas. Expect lecture on anatomy and energetic anatomy, specific meditations to harmonise the flow of energy, Chinese healing exercises and pranayama.

This is a unique insight into yin yoga from a traditional Daoist perspective combining acupressure, Daoist meditation and Meridians stretching. Understand the law of Yin & Yang, the Zang & Fu organs, the 5 elements, the 12 meridians and 8 extraordinary vessels to create therapeutic yin classes corresponding to emotional and physical unbalances. This is a chance to create the bridge of knowledge between Indian and Chinese tradition.

Each day you will experience Yin yoga classes with a variation of wellness topics and you will learn how to create your own yin classes depending on the seasons, wellness theme or emotional balance.

Your flexibility will increase, and your energy will be enhanced. This training is offering a transformational time and the knowledge to understand your own mind and body to pass on to your own students.

On completion of the course you will receive a 50 hours Yin Yoga training CPD certificate  from the Well Being Yoga School. Theses hours can be used for Yoga Alliance Professional UK towards your annual CPD and as added hours after your 200 hours, meaning you will be now a 250 hours teacher.


-Anatomy of fascia, muscles, joints

-Anatomy and energy of the meridians, organs, spirits

-The 5 elements theory in depth

-Daoist & Indian philosophy

-Yin postures and transitions

-Every day Yin practice classes,

-Qi gong, Dao yin (with a new vision of energy warm up for yin yoga class)

-Daoist meditations of cleansing, recharging and protection,

-Specifics visualisation to tonify or sedate the organs,

-Specific Daoist breathing exercises to move the energy.

-The various type of Qi & functions

-The 3 treasures (Jing, Qi, Shen)

-Yin class methodology (with time to create your own class)

-Emotional aspect of the 5 elements (organs and meridians) and how to use them for diagnostic and create a therapeutic class 


With so many topics, I have decided to operate this course in 2 times, giving space for the students to assimilate all knowledge and come back on the second stage of the course with a fresh mind, time for personal practice and being well informed. The first 3 days are devised for learning and practice, the second 3 days for therapeutic usage and yin class planning, and practice of course too.



LONDON: SE1  7-9th February 2018 (1) + 13-15th March 2018 (2)

I am working with only small group of students, creating a vibrant community of yogi friends. Expect to be in contact with only 4 to 8 students at a time. Which is perfect for both students and teacher to personalise each course.





Our teacher trainings include 6  full days training from the Wednesday to the Friday  included from 9.30am to 6 pm in Central London.

This course takes place over 1 month.


Central London TBC to people registering. Easy access from Zone 1 Tube stations.


The 6 days course fee is £695

Cost Includes

All Training

Course Manual

Not Included

Additional Books and Material

Food, Travel, Accommodation Expenses in London

Number of hours

50 course hours

Other information

Maximum participants: 8 to 18 for each group training.

We are proud to prefer quality training over quantity, and we are flexible on our students needs and schedule. Please contact us to receive the full brochure and details of each module.

You may want to watch a 60 min class on Kidney/bladder meridians I posted recently 🙂


If you  feel ready to listen and learn from our innate and infinite intelligence, please contact me on the email below.

*Nathalie Dubreu –  nathalie@fluidbody.tv

Tel: +44 (0)7979 52 42 52  http://www.fluidbody.tv – www.yinspirationlondon.com

‘Our teacher training course has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our graduates are trained to the highest standard”



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