Immerse yourself into the vast world of yoga, with the Shiva/Shakti energy, and solar and lunar yogic practices, incorporating the luminous knowledge of mythology, philosophy and subtle anatomy of yoga.

Ground yourself in your future teaching, allowing the teacher in you to grow and planting the seed of your new/or lifelong career. This immersion will empower you to connect with the essence of healing Yoga and sacred flow of life, deepening your practice into the mystic, therapeutic & energetic radiance of your classes.

Monday to Tuesday are an extended yoga foundation incorporating the Shiva/Shakti energy, and from Wednesday to Friday, a deeper exploration of the subtle energy from a yoga perspective and the new sciences.

The immersion will start with grounding knowledge of yoga philosophy, the powerful energy of Ganesha towards the openness of your heart in connection with the quantum field, with meditation, vinyasa flow, and restorative practice, and two special shamanic visualisations to feel your inner self.

Circulation of energy and the Chakras system will take an important place in our curriculum, with classes dedicated to these topics, and how to build your own chakra class according to your need, following the postures dedicate to each of them and connected to your energy bodies.

Our Vinyasa is mostly circling around the mat in Mandala. Mandala in the representation of the circle, is one of the oldest sacred image evoking a feeling of wholeness. it represents the universe in the Hinduism and Buddhist traditions. Its sacred geometry calls upon the cosmic forces of life, the Tao, the yin, and yang, the shakti/shiva energy and it reminds us that we are part of the whole cycle of creation and destruction. While moving our asanas in circular movements, in the circling movement of the planets, and the limitless spiral of life in our DNA, we can free the self from everyday thoughts, performing Yoga like a dance, the dance of Lila (Sanskrit: ????) the divine dance of the universe. The mandala connects us to our body at a cellular and energetic level, to our past and future. The wave of the ocean vibrations, the sound of nature, the magnetism of the moon and planets remind us that we are one with all energy that exists, creating the infinite wave of our hearts vibrations, we are an energetic field in a world of energy.

By moving our mind-soul-asanas in circular movements, in an endless, smooth surya namaskar dance, suffering dissolves, and the natural state of life force energy is re-established.

This week will be all about self-discovery, self-inquiry practice, with specific shamanic visualisation techniques and meditations to connect to your inner source, release what doesn’t serve you anymore, find your strength and allowing a new you to emerge. Expect a unique kind of flowing mandala vinyasa yoga with a glimpse into restorative yoga, yoga Nidra, and yin yoga. This five days course will nourish your soul and body like a yoga retreat, and provide you with the sacred knowledge and experience to develop your training further for months to come.


-Grounding Ganesha and heart opening vinyasa flow

-Relax into your heart with Restorative heart bio-electricity expansion

-Finding balance with Shiva, the lord of the dance of the rings

-Explore your mystic rivers with Shakti mandala flow vinyasa

-Release and open hips yin yoga class

-Third eye vinyasa flow, pineal gland activation

-HA/THA Sun salutation alignment

-Vinyasa Bhakti flow Bhagavad Gita energy

-Delicious yoga for stress release, reverse the body servant-mind master

-Energy balancing chakras vinyasa flow

-Taoist meditation

-Koshas Yoga Nidra

-Ujayi breath and Taoist cleansing breath techniques

-Shamanic visualisations

-Cleansing energetic practice


-Matsyendrasana story

-Scientific and ancient knowledge about the Heart intelligence

-Patanjali sutras linked to our practice

-Shiva/shakti lecture mythology and energy lecture

-Pineal gland/3rd eye lecture

-Hatha Yoga Pradipika: section on asanas

-8 Limbs of yoga

-Cosmic OM sound and NASA

-In-depth Subtle anatomy, Bridge between new sciences and sacred wisdom

(quantum physics, bioelectricity, magnetic waves, the power of the thoughts, in combination with glimpses into The Nadis, Vayus, Gunas, koshas)

-Experiential learning “Chakras” lecture, How to demystify the chakras and use their energy in our daily life.

-History of yoga

Each day you will experience Vinyasa yoga classes as an embodiment of the topics we will envision, creating healing, physical wellness, and emotional balance and spiritual enlightenment.

Your flexibility will increase, and your energy will be enhanced. This training is offering a transformational time and the knowledge to understand your own mind and body to pass on to your own students.

I am proud to collaborate with Lola Lhamo who will be assisting during my teaching. She will also be sharing foundations of Sound Energy Medicine – integration of sacred knowledge of ancient scriptures and latest scientific research on healing with sound and vibration. She will enhance our course with initiation on how to balance chakras and elements by integrating the Tibetan singing bowls to yoga and meditation classes.

On completion of the course, you will receive an Immersion Yoga Further Training certificate from the Well Being Yoga School. This certificate can be used for Yoga Alliance Professionals towards your annual further training.


Zone 1. Easy access for tube station.


Close by the studio, in a hotel or private double room.


£1350.00 (payment facilities can be offered)

Community: If you have financial difficulties, please reach to us, we may be able to reduce fees and exchange service. ?

You will receive a manual, and all the classes practiced on separate documents.

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