Qi, Prana, Ki…Energy & My Vinyasa flow

By Nathalie Dubreu from The Well-being Yoga school London

Invisible, subtle energy occurs around us all the time, and is now measurable by science.

More than 5000 years ago, the ancient Chinese master of esoteric healing and medicine men and women, shamans in China and around the globe came to understand that everything is made of the same energy. This energy is called Qi (pronouced shee) or Ki or Prana and refers to the energy circulating in the human body and the universe. This energy is the oneness and wholeness interconnected as one body. It is the source of all life and can be regulated, nourished, restored to live a long and healthy life.

According to ancient Indian and Chinese philosophies everything is formed by Prana or Qi (Chi), since 1960, it has been clear that what we call now bio-electricity refers to the same Qi, or energy as formulated by the ancient China. Our body is a field of bio-electric & magnetic energy which respond to the quality of the air we breath, the food we eat and the lifestyle we lead. This energy is also affected by our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions as well as the energy surrounding us, such as in nature and the unnatural energy such as radiations like telephone cells and computers. This Vibrational energy field or bio-electricity pulsations spread throughout our entire body, through the matrix of the continuous connective tissue, this web of skin network under the skin covering the whole body. A physical injury, stress, chock or worrying thoughts and negative beliefs journey through the interconnect, coordinated systems of our being and create tensions (collagen formation) in the myofascia, muscular and visceral parts of our body, but creates fluidity, flexibility and health when positive. Meaning that any body & mind actions, thoughts and beliefs are immediately recognised by our physiology and create either a positive reaction keeping our cells healthy, or a negative reaction leading to muscular tensions and dying cells responsible for the effects of ageing, chronics pains, immune system deficiency and leading over time to illnesses like cancer. 

Physical and energetic alignment through yogic or Daoist practices, permit the free flow of energy and the release of tensions. By keeping a relaxed flowing Qi, Prana, ki, the body stays relax and can let go, to rejuvenate, transform and restore. 

The inner waves; waves of breath, flowing in and out of the body moving through all the systems of the body, pumping blood, moving lymph, waves of thoughts and emotions which are released in the continuous breath-wave motions of the flowing movements; the vinyasa. When practicing with fluidity we connect to the inner self, the subtle impulse of the self, deepening body awareness  in the continuous movement of our inner world. Finding our own fluidity and improving our  flexibility by connecting to the water quality we are mostly made of, and from which we were born. 

The Daoist philosophy compare the energy which animates all life, and  that is the essence of the human body, to water as a flowing energy. In ancient Chinese texts, this energy is expressed as an analogy of water such as ‘rivers’ of Qi in the limbs, and upper torso,  the ‘sea’ of Qi in the abdomen, ‘springs of Qi in the ankles and wrists, and ‘wells’ of Qi in fingers and toes, with the ultimate intention to keep the smoothness of it to keep well and healthy. 

With wave movements vinyasa, breath and mind are integrated and synchronised with creative and relevant transitions between postures. The soma, from the Greek meaning “living body”,  is experienced from the inner world, the world of the floating living cells we grow each day, our microcosm in connection to the macrocosm. The mind becomes still and reflective like a calm water lake and asanas flow like gentle ocean waves of the breath. 

Each moment of the practice brings a deep sense of peace, well-being and optimal health. Students get a clearer sense that they are simply made of divine nature which is unnamed. During classes we connects with the under currents of transformative force within, the powerful energetic force and the divine oneness running through all of us, which we awaken, nurture and pass on when we teach Yoga.

We are offering 6 months intensive yoga teacher training in Central London, accredited by Yoga Alliance Professional. Our next course starts onto 3rd of April 2017, If you feel Interested to learn more about Mystical Yoga and energy, please feel free to contact me nathalie@fluidbody.tv


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