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Enjoy private yoga session focusing on wellness and designed to help you heal and reach your full physical, mental and emotional potential in the comfort of your own home (London zone 1-2) or in beautiful and exclusive studios near London and Tower Bridges.

Combining my life long experience of bodywork and healing, I include specific movements (stretches/asanas), intention and breathing exercises to health enhancing your life experience in and out of the mat.

054a001023cbd22ea1bfcd88793dcb06As a therapist trained in Asian and Western bodywork, and founder of Fluid BodyTM, I follow both traditions of Indian and Chinese millenary philosophies. I can teach you the sun salutation with emphasis on digestive issues, back pain or else, as well as devising taylor made yoga sessions to target the source of your discomfort, and facilitate your well-being.

I may include common sense spiritual practices for emotional healing such as meditation or shamanic journeying, and stretches targeting the imbalanced meridians (which are the lines of energetic channels running through the whole body). I will provide you with customised series of postures to practice at home at your own pace to awaken the body’s own energetic potential.

047fa2022a683469cece79f36625e1c5To start your well-being experience, we will begin by a confidential consultation creating your personalised private session. Any session may include vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, Chinese healing exercises, pilates, Thai massage stretches, acupressure, meditation, breath work.  I will guide through your practice, help you with hands-on adjustments, and being on your side if any emotional blockages surfaces. This hybrid yoga class will help to shift and raise your energetic vibrations towards wellness. Nothing makes me happier than seeing this shift happening in my client/students eyes and heart.

Cost: 1 to 1 session (60 min + 15 min consultation) is charged from  £80.00 to £140.00 depending on time and location within London UK. I am also traveling worldwide for my clients.

fluid8859I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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