Fluid Body™, the magic of meridian stretching.

When I am connecting fully with my own practice of Fluid Body ™, Immediately after only a few minutes of slow movements and breath expression, I feel under my skin, my energy moving over my whole body, filling myself with a warm feeling of wellness.

I am going to demonstrate it through short videos very soon, so people can resonate with this practice which helps to release any tension in the body by removing blockages and obstructions of energy.

I have been stressed out recently, yes yoga teachers can sometimes stress like everybody else, particularly in London being a full-time yoga teacher. My practice has evolved over the last few years as becoming a business to take care of, to grow and keep running.

Any yoga teachers may relate with me. So, my left shoulder was telling me with some pain for a few days now that I have to move through a time of change, a shift of awareness into my practice and business relation with my boss (me).

I consciously re-opened my book of healing I built over the years, my Fluid Body™ practice, that has helped many of my students/clients-friends for many years resolving pains and emotional imbalances.

I have integrated this knowledge and experiences into my teacher trainings for my students and then realised that I had buried it under a pile of new documents to be forgotten for sometimes.

Today while I was lying on the floor and contemplating my pain in my shoulder, questioning it, breathing into it, stretching and stimulating through few postures, my Bladder, Small Intestine and Gall-bladder meridians (nourishing each other in the generation cycle of the 5 elements and calming fire with water) with gentle movements involving my body weight and the gravity of the earth, I released my pain with awareness, literally talking to my energy at the level of my body tension, and consciously letting it go with my breath.

This is magic, when we go beyond the body, allowing the unknown to take place, going beyond the anticipation. It is when the body change (meridians stimulation), and the brain re-program through new learning and experiences, providing instantaneous body-mind transformation. And this is available to everyone, we don’t need to be a yogi.

I feel compelled to share it with the world. For a long time I did not know how to talk about it, as the experience of it, is so much better, and also because explaining its wisdom, based on so many traditions of wellness, takes more than a few words to get it right.

Please feel free to get in touch should you want more details on Fluid Body ™ wellness practice. Nathalie +44 (0)7979524252

More info can be found on my website http://fluidbody.tv

I wish you a lifetime of freedom of movements.

Nathalie Dubreu

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